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Office of the Registrar



Grades are due 48 hours after a scheduled final exam. If no final exam is given, grades must be submitted on the first day grades are due according to the schedule that is published each semester. If you have students who attended your course, but whose names do not appear on the roster, please send us a memo or email with the student's name, course name and CRN and grade. We will research the student's registrations to see if the grade can be assigned to the student.

Web Grading Instructions

  • Go to http://sis.rpi.edu and log in.
  • Enter your User I.D. (Rensselaer ID Number)and PIN (Personal ID Number). If you forget your PIN, try the "Forgot PIN?" button.
  • On the Main Menu, select Instructors & Advisors Menu.
  • Once you are in the Instructors & Advisors Menu, select Submit Final Grades
  • Select current term and Submit that term
  • Select the first course you wish to grade
  • Submit the CRN - Brings you back to the Instructors & Advisors Menu
  • Select Submit Final Grades
  • Enter each grade from the drop down menu
  • Print them if you want a copy for you or your departmental office
  • When you are done, click Submit - you will see a message at the top of the screen that the grade has saved successfully
  • Click CRN Selection at the bottom of the page
  • Choose the next course you wish to grade and submit CRN - which brings you back to the Instructors & Advisor Menu
  • Select Submit Your Final Grades. Repeat same sequence as above until you have graded all of your courses.

No Shows on the Web Roster

If the student EVER attended, based on work completed, you are urged to assign a grade (e.g. F grade). If the student NEVER attended or stopped attending, in the Not Attending Column, enter the approximate percentage of the term that the student DID attend classes. For example, if a student NEVER attended, enter no grade for that student and in the Not Attending Column, enter 00. If a student attended for about half the term, enter 50; for a student who attended all term long, but didn't show for the Final Exam, enter 100. DO NOT USE A % SIGN in the Not Attending Column as this is a NUMERIC field. We will research the student's record and assign the appropriate administrative grade or adjust the student's registration.

Posting Grades

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1977 (P.L./39-380) specifically prohibits the posting of student grades by name or ID. Students can see their grades on SIS within 24 hours of your submitting them on-line.

Thesis and Project grades

Master and Doctoral Thesis/Project registrations are now graded every term, either S (Satisfactory progress) or U (Unsatisfactory progress). The S or U grade reflects a single term's research progress. Please note that students who do not make satisfactory progress and are assigned a U grade will still earn the thesis credit hours for the term and the U grade won't need to be changed when the thesis/project is completed and turned in to the Office of Graduate Education.

Incomplete Grades and Incomplete Grade AuthorizationForms

If you agree to assign an Incomplete (I) grade to a student, you do so in SIS, just as you do when entering your other grades for the course.

NOTE: You must also complete an Incomplete Authorization Form with the student and submit this form to the Registrar. Incomplete Grade Authorization Forms are not issued to students. Instructors may get them from their departmental office or use the Incomplete Grade Authorization Form available from the Instructor menu in SIS (Login Required).

Questions, Problems??

Contact the Registrar if you have any questions or problems. When emailing, enter GRADING ISSUE on the Subject line of the message so that we may answer you right away.

Grades Rolling

The Registrar will "roll" grades to students' records every night. On the Web Grade Roster, you will see those grades noted in the Rolled Column. Once a grade has been "rolled" to a student's academic history, you can only change the grade on a Change of Grade form (available through the Instructor menu in SIS) submitted to the Registrar. You cannot change rolled grades on the web.