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Pass/No credit

The purpose of the Pass/No Credit option is to allow you to take courses outside of your normal curriculum or minor program which you might otherwise not consider taking because of grade considerations.
Please note that the Pass/No Credit option is not available to graduate students or nonmatriculated students.

Subject to the limitations listed below, undergraduate students may elect to take courses on a pass or no credit basis, for which the grade is either “P” (Pass) or “NC” (Fail). Grade points will not be assigned for these courses and the “P” or “NC” will not be reflected in the grade point average. “NC” is a failing grade and can be cause for academic action.

A student may take up to 4 courses as Pass /No credit.

Courses that can be taken pass / no credit are:

  • Free electives
  • Two courses in the science core unless explicitly required by name
  • Two courses of the HASS Core that are not part of the depth sequence or used to meet the communication intensive requirement.

The Pass/No credit cannot be used for:

  • Courses required by name in the student’s major, required professional/technical/multidisciplinary/science elective, or similarly designated subsets of courses (except where explicitly stated otherwise) to be applied toward the student’s program curriculum,
  • Courses used towards the minor
  • Courses at the 6000 level

Again, the Pass/No Credit option is not available to graduate students or non-matriculated students.

Submission procedures and deadlines

If you wish to take a course with the Pass/No Credit designation, you must file an approved Pass/No Credit Form, with the Registrar's before deadline date specified in the academic calendar.

Similarly, if you have elected to take a course on this basis, you must choose to drop the Pass/No Credit designation by filing a Remove Pass/No Credit Designation Form by the same deadline.

Please refer to Rensselaer's academic calendar for specific dates by which you must add or remove Pass/No Credit designations.