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Office of the Registrar


Curricula Changes

Undergraduate Students

You can make a number of changes to your undergraduate Academic Program using the Undergraduate Change of Major / Change of Status Form.

Change of major

You may change from one curriculum to another with the approval of the Curriculum Coordinator in the department into which you want to switch. Your new department will assign an adviser to you, and you should arrange to meet with him or her as soon as possible to outline the program necessary to complete your degree in your new major.

Double degrees

You may become a candidate for a second baccalaureate degree when you have completed the following:

  • The equivalent of at least two terms (30 credit hours) of additional work beyond the requirements of a single degree.
  • The courses in the department in which you are registered, and such other courses as are required for the second degree.

Dual majors

If you fulfill all the degree requirements for two curricula and have met the conditions below, you will have completed a dual major. (Please note that you will receive one diploma noting both majors.)

  • You must designate a first-named and second-named major by filing an Undergraduate Change of Major Form at least one semester prior to graduation and have the appropriate department(s) approve this designation prior to filing the dual major form with the Registrar.
  • You will be assigned an advisor in each department who will monitor your progress in that department.
  • The degree clearance officer in the department will certify that you have met all degree requirements in that department.

Note that the 24 credit hour mathematics/science requirement and the 24 credit hour humanities and social sciences requirement will satisfy the Institute's requirements for both majors.

Graduate students

If you are a graduate student here at Rensselaer, you may use the Graduate Request for Change of Status Form to:

  • Change your degree program or curriculum
  • Add an additional degree program
  • Change campus
  • Return to "active" status

Note: This form requires signatures from your department, the Office of Graduate Education, and in some cases, the Student Health Center and/or International Students Office before the Registrar's Office will accept it.